Megacorp Aviation is your premier destination for top-tier private aircraft management and ownership consultancy. We are a leading private aircraft management company with decades of experience, a strong commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.

With strategically situated bases at London - Biggin Hill Airport, Jet Centre at Ronaldsway Airport – Isle of Man and Al Maktoum International Airport – DWC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates, we extend our exceptional services to clients around the world. Our locations are chosen for your convenience, ensuring seamless access to our world-class expertise in private aircraft management.

Elevate your aircraft ownership experience with Megacorp Aviation, where excellence meets convenience, safety and peace of mind.


Our extensive history in the industry has allowed us to cultivate a vast database of contacts spanning across more than 100 countries worldwide. We've successfully facilitated aircraft transactions in every corner of the globe, connecting buyers and sellers on every continent. With our global reach,we are primed to find the perfect solutions for your aviation needs.


Megacorp Aviation offers unparalleled expertise, backed by access to the finest market intelligence and cutting-edge marketing platforms. Our in-depth understanding of the aviation industry sets us apart, enabling usto guide you through the complexities of registration, taxation, contractual documentation, and import/export procedures.


We provide a complete end-to-end service, assisting you every step of the way. Our repository of essential documents, including Letters of Intent, Aircraft Purchase Agreements, Inspection & Closure Reports (PPI’s), is at your disposal. In addition, we have established connections with Escrow Agents, engineers, and legal experts to further streamline the process.


Megacorp Aviation simplifies the financial aspect of your journey with a transparent pricing model for our brokerage and acquisition services. We charge a flat, one-off success fee. No hidden fees, no surprises – just a clear and honest approach to private aircraft sales

Experience excellence with Megacorp Aviation, where our unwavering commitment to expertise, global reach, and transparent pricing ensures your private aircraft transaction is nothing short of exceptional.